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Christmas Celebrations in Syria

The festival of Christmas has gained worldwide recognition and it is celebrated with great pomp and vigor in various parts of the world and Christmas Celebrations in Syria is no exception. The stores, the buildings as well as the roads are decked up with lights.

Another most important event linked to the Christmas Celebrations in Syria is that on the 6th of December, a special mass is held in the churches that are attended by a large number of people in honor of St Nicholas. According to some legends St Nicholas was a good hearted and a generous man.

On the eve of Christmas all the family members holds a lighted candle and stands around a bonfire, which is lit only after the youngest member of the family reads out loudly the story of Christmas. The manner in which the flames spread is indicative of the fact that whether good luck would prevail or would it be the other way round. As long as the fire burns, psalms are sung and after it stops each of the family members jumps over the charcoals and while they take a jump, they make their wishes.

On Christmas morning, the residents of Syria make it a point to attend the mass. At the place where the mass is held a bonfire gets lit in the middle. The mass is accompanied by hymns and the priest takes a walk around the church with the figure of Christ held high in his hand. Then, the priest touches a person and this touch gets passed from one person to another and it continues till all the people who have attended the mass receives it and this touch is known to be the ‘touch of peace’.