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Boxing Day

Boxing Day began in England, most likely in the middle ages and is celebrated the day after Christmas. Boxing Day is celebrated on the 26th of December in England, Canada and other Commonwealth countries including Australia and New Zealand. Just like Christmas Day, Boxing Day is a holiday. The name dates back almost 800 hundred years ago when alms boxes were placed at the doors of churches to collect money for the poor. Traditionally on Boxing Day the alms boxes at every church was opened and the contents were distributed amongst the poor.
This day developed into a holiday as in the olden days the servants used to work on Christmas Day; so they were given a holiday the very next day. Before the servants would leave for their homes their employers would give them Christmas boxes as gifts. Historians have said that during the 18th century Lords and Ladies in England would put the leftover food and gift them as Christmas boxes to the needy and people who worked in their lands.

Another name for Boxing Day is known as St Stephen's Day and is named after him as he was the first person to be killed for his belief in Jesus and his teachings. This day is commemorated in the memory of his sacrifices for Christ. St Stephen was stoned to death by a mob for teaching and telling people about Jesus Christ, the Son of God. The feast of St Stephen is observed on the 26th of December in his honor. These are the various stories about the origin of Boxing Day. The history of Boxing Day is very special and on that basis we celebrate Boxing Day the way we do today.

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