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Christian Christmas Plays

Christian Christmas plays are those dramatic enactments that convey the religious beliefs of Christianity. There is a surfeit of such plays and almost all of them contain an indigenous religious message. Such Christian religious plays consist of numerous characters including the protagonist, the supplementary performers along with the narrator who makes the in-between entries by different fragments of his narration. As the narrator gives a brief description of the stage surroundings and the forms the starting scenario of the play, the various symbolic and religious characters seem to occupy the stage. Through various enactments, the audience seems to comprehend the religious sentiment of these Christmas Religious plays.

The significance of the religious plays of Christmas increases because people love to watch them. The unique form of story telling that these plays use tickles the fancy of every enthusiast. People can relate the mythical tales to the ordinary circumstances of life. It doesn’t matter much whether the stories of these plays are real of fictional because the in anyways they appeal to the readers or spectators of these Christian Christmas skits. These plays whose narration has been passed on from one generation to another continues to cast its spell even in the present times. The moral message that these plays intend to give matches with the word of God. Therefore, people watch these plays with full attention and with all their faith in the message of these Christian plays for Christmas.

One of the very interesting religious plays of Christmas is popularly known as ‘The Prodigal Son’. In this play, the story has a very domestic appeal. Among the principal characters, there is a father who is blessed with two sons. But unfortunately, both of his sons run after money and demand their portion of property from their father. The helpless father fulfills their demands. However, after having enough of money, the younger son wastes all of it in his lavish expenses and becomes penniless. Thus in order to obtain money, he gets ready to do the work of feeding pigs. His state becomes so pathetic that he starts grabbing the eatables of pigs. The story of the skit succeeds in acting as the symbol of moralistic message that forms the basis of all the deep Christian beliefs. It tells that we can never prosper if we disrespect our father, the embodiment of Jesus. Thus, parting from Him can make our life a misery.

However, apart from the above-mentioned Christian Christmas plays, there are many other plays that comprise the list. They include the ‘Mr. and Mrs. Noah’, which consists of the traditionally religious Christian figures like Noah that is the principal character of the skit marked by flood. Other plays are ‘ The Blind to See’and the comic skit called ‘The Peanut Butter and Jelly’, to name a few.