Best Christmas Poems

Christmas is a festival of lights, happiness and brightness. This is a festival when people forget all boundaries and join hands to celebrate the biggest festival of the year. This festive and happy spirit of Christmas has influenced poets over ages to write immortal poems to capture the festive mood of the occasion. There are various interesting poems written on the topic of Christmas happiness and festivity. The best Christmas poems are immortal and they still create the same impact when read.

Edith Hume, the famous Christmas poet, has written some unforgettable lines on Christmas celebration. His poem The Shepherd Boy's Gift celebrates the birth of Christ in a stable.

They are one of the best poetic compositions on Christmas,

“When near to her at Bethlehem
I knelt at Christmastide,
"There is no pillow for thy Son,
No pillow, Lady, for thy Son,"
I said to her, and sighed.

But when I softly turned away
Ant tiptoed from His bed,
The Lady Mary smiled at me,
The Lady Mary smiled to see
(I'd tucked it in so carefully)
My heart beneath His head.”.

The lines reflect the situation at the time of birth of Christ. On the other hand, there are best Christmas poems addressed to Mother Mary too. Some unknown authors have written best Christmas poems like Mary of Christmas. The lines in this beautiful poem records,


“I know not how, dear Lady love,
To offer you my praise,
I cannot fashion as I wish
The words that I world raise.
You stand afar, celestial Queen,
The stars are in your crown,
They spangle at each gesture's path
And dust upon your gown....”

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