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Christmas Ivy

Christmas Ivy is a plant of winters that blossoms with its bulky green leaves. It comes into the category of climbers that are strewn with berries mainly in black color. As they flourish even in the harsh climatic conditions, lots of animals and insects consume the berries that form the toppings of this plant. They are known to evolve under shade as they donít require too much of sunlight for their survival. May be this is the sole reason that they are numerous in the winter season. They basically act as adornments for Christmas and form the contents of wreaths and other items that can be made from them. The most preferable breed of the Ivy plant is called Hedera Helix. According to a general Christian belief, Christmas Ivy comes to use for keeping the ghosts and goblins at bay.

Just like many other botanical varieties, the Ivy of Christmas also holds a special place in the heart of every Christian. It stands for the evergreen happiness at homes and in life. Also lots of superstitions and unreasonable beliefs are attached to them. Some people consider them of having the ability to predict the events that are going to happen in future. Another unreasonable belief related to the Christmas Ivy fascinates lots of women. They think that if they hold the Ivy plant in their hands and praise it, they can expect to see the picture of their would-be husband. When they do such a thing, the very next male they encounter can be their future mate. Though, there is no surety of the truth related to this tradition, but women continue to practice the whole thing just for the sake of fun and excitement.
Another thing that is an important characteristic of Christmas Ivy is their association with the Bacchus, the lord of wine. Such associations came to be known because of the ancient myths of Romans. Thus lots of people drove the Ivy plants out of their homes thinking about their assumed ill effects and demonic characteristics.

However, according to lots of Christian convictions, the Ivy of Christmas is the embodiment of love, care and trust. Because of its structure that relies on some external backing or that just doesnít parts from the backing, the Ivy climber was interpreted as a woman embracing a man.

Adding on to the symbolism of Christmas Ivy, many interpretations related it to both mortality and eternity. And lord Jesus is the endower of the eternal life that everyone wishes to have.