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Origin of Christmas Traditions

Christmas is celebrated on 25 th December around the world on the occasion of the birth of Jesus...It is all about spreading love and peace among all...Christmas trees, mistletoes...everyone knows all these but very few are actually aware of the origin of Christmas traditions. It is highly interesting to gather information on the origin of Christmas traditions as each tradition owes its origin to some or the other fanciful story or common belief. Let us check out some of the major ones:

Rudolph: It was actually an advertising gimmick. It was a promotional graphic of the Christmas story written in 1939 by Robert L. This is how red nosed reindeer was born.

Christmas tree: The story is essentially German. It is basically an oak tree that used to stand for good luck in the Middle Ages. The evergreen tree was mandatory whenever someone would construct a house as it was placed just by its side to cast off evil shadows.

Candy canes: The credit goes to the local choirmaster of the Cologne Cathedral who used to give his students sugar sticks to keep them quiet and attentive around 1670 and those sugar sticks were later on modified as candy canes by Bob McCormack in 1920 and slowly candy canes emerged as an industry.

Christmas cards: Christmas cards became popular due to the growth of printing industry in 1840s. Sir Henry Cole was the first card designer. He was also the first director of the Victoria and Albert Museum.

Santa Clause: Santa is there from 4th century. Santa Clause is a modified version of Saint Nicholas. He was a patron of the children and sailors. It is said that he is remembered for his generous attitude and he used to throw gifts through the windows for the children. The word “Santa Clause” is a derivative of the Dutch version of Saint Nicholas, Sint Nikolass and Sinter Klaas.

Mistletoe: It is purely a pagan factor which has now become a part of Christmas tradition. It owes its origin to the ancient Druid ceremony. The story is about a girl who stands under the tree and a boy would come and after picking up a berry would kiss her.

The stories that narrate the origin of Christmas tradition like carols, stockings and so on is really interesting.

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