Christmas Tree

The Christmas tree has been associated with the festival of Christmas from the early days of Christianity and till date it has managed to sustain its importance at the time of the Christmas festival and this is evident from the fact that during the festival of Christmas there is a high sale of Christmas trees, which are used to adorn the lawns of the house or the interior of the house.

The story that is associated with the Christmas tree is that St Boniface, an English monk witnessed that a group of pagans assembled around an oak tree and they were on the verge of sacrificing a child and seeing this site St Bonafice in order to stop this brutal act brought down the oak tree in one blow with the help of the fist.

It was noticed that at the place, which belonged to the oak tree, sprung up a small fir, which St Bonafice claimed was the Tree of Life or the tree that represented Christís life.

Decoration of the Christmas Tree forms the major concern of the people who celebrate this festival with great enthusiasm and excitement and people does not hesitate to adopt new methods or innovative ways to grace their Christmas tree in a way that would make it unique in all possible ways and would also earn the appreciation of the people. provides the necessary information on Christmas Tree.