Miss You Christmas Poems

Christmas is the festival which gives you chance to enjoy giving, sharing and worshipping with your loved ones. The festive fervor of this fiesta is worth watching. It is the time when people plan their holidays beforehand and eagerly wait to be with their dear ones. But those who cannot enjoy being together with the people they love, feel themselves to be very unfortunate. Miss you Christmas poems express the depth of solitude you feel when you are alone on the delightful festival of Christmas. With these poems, you can convey your emotions to your near and dear ones who are far from you on this enchanting event of celebration. Here are a few missing you Christmas poems. Write them on a card, on a gift or send them through an email, your loved one will understand your feelings of loneliness.

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I Am Lonely At Christmas

Gifts enchant under the Christmas tree
I wonder why I lack the festive spree.
You whispered the answer from my heart
It’s a lonely Christmas as we are apart.
Delight and jollity are all around
But I miss you in my thoughts profound.
Miss you at this Christmas!
- Copyrighted by Dgreetings


Miss You at Christmas

I am missing you at Christmas.
I am longing to see your smile
But know that you can’t come.
A Christmas gift, especially chosen
For you is still waiting for you,
The garden is now white with snow
Just the way you loved it,
Holly leaves and candy sticks
Have lost their charm.
I miss last Christmas when
We were together and
This Christmas is so lonesome
But you are enjoying it, I know
In heaven…
- Copyrighted by Dgreetings


A Christmas Without You

I miss you on this Christmas;
As special people like you
Especially during Christmas time
Come to memories’ view.
I think of the times we have shared
Happiness, laughter and love
And jingling of Christmas bells…
Recollecting all this I feel
You are not far away from me
And will suddenly appear in your
Favorite disguise of Santa Claus.
I feel you so close but still
Long to be greeted and kissed by you.
Hope I will never have to celebrate a
Christmas without you.
Merry Christmas!
- Copyrighted by Dgreetings

With miss you Christmas poems, you can convey your heartfelt sentiments to the one you love and miss on this festival. Miss you poems on Christmas successfully bring out the feeling of loneliness of your heart. Make use of these missing you poems on Christmas and you will realize that the one you are missing is missing you also and with the same intensity.